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About Me

My passion for hairdressing extends back to my childhood. In spite of growing up in my father’s barbershop on the West Side of Detroit, I learned to pick up a brush and comb as an adolescent. I've expressed myself on hair ever since. However, it wasn’t until 2017, at the ripe age of 20, when my friends designated me as the hairstylist of our friend circle. I began slaying my girlfriends’ hair in my college dorm at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Eventually, I migrated appointments to my apartment while balancing my hectic class and volleyball schedule. I’m a social butterfly so, attracting new customers came naturally. With the help of my previous clients, I gained quite the social media following and chose to create @HairByLex321 on Instagram. Post graduation, I took it one step further by investing in my own shop and hair collection! You can find us @LiveLuxuryStrands on Instagram. My name is Alexis Gaines, and I specialize in making women look beautiful.  

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